The Simmo Project

The simmo project

Resilience and Well-Being

Working together to learn how to build resilience, make good choices, develop life skills and how to look after our mental health.



Strength based work

Strength-based work with children and young people is a type of intervention that seeks to build resilience and increase their wellbeing.



Child and youth empowerment is an important and often underutilized technique that can help kids and young adults develop important life skills.


Holistic approach

By promoting a positive and nurturing environment that fosters the child’s overall development.



Working alongside local organisations, care providers and authorities.


Developing life skills

Acquiring and honing a range of practical and social abilities that are necessary for leading a successful and fulfilling life


Creating a culture of inclusion

Creating a culture of inclusion involves actively fostering an environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and supported.


Always look at the bigger picture

Taking a broader and more holistic perspective on a situation or issue, rather than focusing solely on its individual components or immediate effects.


Sessions tailored to the child’s needs

All our sessions are tailored to each childs individual needs.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in children and young people.

In England, a quarter of 11–16 year-olds have reported to of self-harmed or had suicidal thoughts


What People Are Saying

I am delighted to give testimony for Chelsea Buckley I have had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside Chelsea since June 2021.

I find Chelsea to be driven, passionate and committed to supporting children and young people fortunate enough to come under her wing. Chelsea goes over and above in her present role, ensuring the young people in her care feel respected and genuinely valued. Her genuine love of supporting those in her care is evident in results achieved. I have witnessed children settle back into mainstream education after periods of non-attendance, after recommendations to secondary school have been adhered to. I am aware the intensive self-harm support that Chelsea offers brings a reduction or complete cease in incidents of harm following training from CAMHS. Her year 6 students transitioning to secondary school have always settled well after periods of extreme apprehension and gone on to do well in year 7.

The Resilience Practitioners support all of ‘Our Children’ in their transition to primary school and Chelsea has particular success in supporting this cohort, their needs can roll over, requiring additional emotional support and Chelsea is always keen to continue support where necessary.

I know Chelsea will achieve great things on her chosen new path and wish her every
success for the future.

Joanne Smith
Early help & Resilience practitioner

”Chelsea is such a passionate, enthusiastic and committed person. She’s got endless energy to stay committed to supporting and encouraging those
she supports through her work as well as in her personal life.

Chelsea is well liked and has the ability to engage with young people who
sense her passion to help them be the best they can be.”

Ella Savell-Boss
(ESB Limited) Safeguarding consultant, NSPCC Accredited

"I was really scared to talk to someone about my mental health,
but Chelsea made me feel comfortable and safe. She helped me
to understand my thoughts and feelings and taught me how to
manage them. I feel so much better now."

Aged 14